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Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is the elephant-headed deity in the Hindu pantheon. He is perhaps the most beloved of the deities and is thus properly invoked in the beginning of the Dāsbodh (subsequent blog). He is primarily invoked as the Great-Remover of all Obstacles in the adept’s path and is the sponsor of success in all creative endeavors. The elephant-head represents the Divine Atman and the human body is representative of being rooted in and master of the earth. The Gansesha hierography is quite fascinating. After Ganesh’s creation by the bathing Parvati, who wanted a guard for her chamber door, Ganesh took his position as sentinel. Shiva came to the door a second time and demanded to see his wife, but Ganesh refused him entry. Shiva was forceful, but Ganesh stood firm in defense of his mother. In a terrible rage, Shiva struck Ganesh’s head from his shoulders. read more

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The Nātha Lords

One of the most popular cults of Bengal lore are the Nāthas. It originally developed in Bengal out of a curious mixture of a once mighty Vajrayāna Buddhism and the subsequent Sāivism. Its main impetus is that of a yogic-dimension that utilized sundry Siddhis powers. They were briefly relayed in a former series but is worth repeating at this junction: read more

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