Prodigious Poets

Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 6

  1. Now, let us bow to those Prodigious Poets who can be likened to the gods in their mastery of verse and speech. They are Supreme Lords of the Vedas incarnate.
  2. Their abode is the palace of Shri Saraswati, the goddess of speech and learning; their very essence is embodied in the many diverse arts and they are the veritable dwelling place of words.
  3. They are bejeweled with the command of language whose words highlight the Unborn Lord of the galaxies. Due to their skillfulness in bringing home the ineffable, they are ordained as Prodigious Poets.
  4. Oceanic in worded-stature they are the large lake of Bodhi-Pearls that breeds liberation of Mind and Spirit, and the vast reservoir of scholarly skill that is wonderfully endowed with seeds of Enlightenment.
  5. They harbor great mindfields of spiritual-gnosis whose heavy-resolve is likened to the mythological stone, Chintamani, in the eradication of all worries of an anxious spirit; also like the milk from the wish-fulfilling cow (Kamadhenu) that flows downward to the awaiting audience.
  6. They fully embody THAT which is the Sacred-Self beyond all worldly manifestations, thus drawing back the curtain on the secret gnosis of the yogis highlighting the Definitive Jnanic Truth.
  7. They give sight to those who are blinded by illusion and renewed hope to the weary-minded.
  8. They are the Upanishads personified and the Self-realization of Noble Wisdom in the semblance of the poet.
  9. These poetic-ones bear the guardianship of all desirelessness in the fervent titivation of devotees and thus are the conservers of Authentic Religion.
  10. They are the originators of spiritual methods and the blossoming fruit of all Right Efforts. Yea, all successful endeavors are fulfilled in listening to the words of these anointed ones.
  11. Their poetic creations crown them as poet-laurates. They give birth to expressions in varying styles, measured-rhymic-meter, and produce the dissimilarities between prose and verse, in effect giving-birth to novel linguistic techniques.
  12. Minus their Noble Efforts, the elevation of the spirit would never occur. Hence, they are supporting pillars of the universal order.
  13. Their works are the storehouse of Universal Truths. It is by due-fortune that many are inspired to rise above their common heap.
  14. Let us therefore offer respect and salutation to these Nobel personages that bring untold comfort and inspiration to untold numbers. I pay them high regards with all my limbs outstretched in devotion.
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