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In Praise of Lord Ganesha

Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 2

  • Om! Praise and salutations to Lord Ganesha. You are the Mighty One of Right Perception and Mindful Intellect. You bestow fruits of success and spiritual undertakings. You destroy all ignorance and habits of delusion.
  • Abide within me continually and crown me with your Divine Intellect. Instill Right Speech in my woeful deficiency thereby empowering me to always articulate your abundant compassion and blessings.
  • With the abiding support of your blessings the clouds of confusion dissipate, and all devouring time itself is made your most loyal servant.
  • With the bestowal of your blessings obstinate obstacles are powerless and melt away in your sight. Hence, you are named the “Destroyer of all Obstacles.” You shelter those who are destitute in mind and spirit; even the gods Shiva and Vishnu venerate you.
  • Upon remembrance of your Divine Presence many experience exceptional contentment in mind and spirit. When mind is affixed upon you the body consciousness is rendered mute and powerless as if frozen in reconciliation.
  • Your attributes are a wonder to behold! When you perform your riveting and effortless dance, with your massive frame moving so majestically, all the gods and divas remain frozenly spellbound.
  • You, Great Hermit, are well endowed with all the streams of Buddha gnosis, as your tiny eyes glance to and fro whilst simultaneously your massive ears flutter-about inducing a sweet aroma that attract honeybees that respond joyfully in their saccharine humming flight.
  • You wield an axe in one hand, grasp a lotus in your second, reveal a polished piece of stridently broken tusk in your third hand, and your favorite little round sweets are well-balanced in the forth.
  • You are a well-seasoned performer and skillful artist excelling in swiftness of movement yet remaining enormously attractive and beautifully adorned with auspicious marks—a true treasure to behold!
  • The great conference of the gods is blessedly graced by your presence as the glittering Light of your divine raiments spread-forth its radiant hue. All of the sundry literary-works and philosophies are attentively at your beck and call.
  • You hold the veritable storehouse of all gnosis and hence I pay my highest regards to you and lay prostrate at your feet unreservedly.
  • While beholding your beloved and ineffable qualities the Lord and Lady of Wisdom, Manjushri and Blessed Tara respectively, pay you due homage.
  • The Compassionate Lord, Avalokiteshvara, wonders in your ability to make even worldlings in the lower bhumis who are of dull intelligence, should be capable of meditating and becoming enamored of your Divine Stature, thus also becoming transformed in mind and spirit.
  • With all my being I come before you, Lord Ganesha, praising you in accordance with my capacity and forever keeping before my Mind’s Eye the deepest aspiration for the “Supreme Truth” (Paramartha) that is the definitive prize.
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