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Dark Night of the Unborn

Being a paraphrase of John’s Dark Night

In the Darkness of Night,
Enlightened with whisperings untold
-O’ Luminous Wonder-
Mind fled the charnel house unchecked,
My spirit at last cloaked in stillness. read more

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Taste IT


How even the most holiest thoughts
Induce a direct hindrance
To the work of Contemplation read more

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Dark Contemplation

Contemplation in the Great Perfection of the Unborn Mind entails simply resting in the Natural Primordial Order. This has nothing to do with any form of meditation that is induced through any mental activities of the carnal mind. To the contrary, it is the total abeyance of discursive thought movement by being at one with the Unborn thus stilling all former cognitive operations. It needs to be stated unequivocally that this contemplation is as different from meditation as chalk is to cheese. This includes bypassing the ascension of even the highest dhyana that still entails a one-pointed concentration that is forever interlocked with normal cognitive functions. Dark Contemplation is totally beyond all these mechanisms, even beyond the vaunted [being] “prior-to” all phenomena since this “priorness” is still mind-initiated–an intensive and intentional [action.] Dark Contemplation is far and removed from these mentalized trifles, beyond any sequences of cause and effect, beyond time-bracketed functionality itself. At the same instance, the Unborn remains the source and very matrix of all phenomenal associations. read more

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Black Star Dharmakaya

Laura Iverson

Be attuned with the transmission of the essential non-practice, the Black Star Dharmakaya, who is the teacher in eternity. Self-originated and Unborn, the teachings of this Black Star can never be exhausted or diminished since It is not subjected to substantiality. Just remain non-fixated far and removed from any causal matters or conditioned responses to any secondary dharmatas that can never lift a finger before the eternal flame of the Unborn. This is the ultimate in being Self-sufficient, beyond all discourse with no need for any shallow understanding or inadequate rumblings from the hollow mind. Sitting for long sessions in meditation are redundant and can even be a distraction away from the natural disposition (Dark-contemplation) that is best suited for simply remaining in the Natural Primordial Order. Without further much ado about nothing, you will soon gain the insight that everything has but just a single-taste. read more

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The Way of Negation

Apophaticism is employed as a Way of Nothingness, not in a morose and nihilistic fashion, but simply as a vehicle that points to what is ineffable. In Christian parlance it bespeaks the unknowable qualities of the Godhead; the best way to come to this understanding is to UN-know all nominal paradigms and thus come to the Absolute under Its own terms—THAT which is devoid and self-empty of all knowable constructs. In Buddhism this Way is engaged as śūnyatā, also one of self-emptying but not in the Christian sense in the “theistic understanding of the ineffability of God”: read more

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Further Lamentations

Pierced by the Dark Ray of Infused Contemplation, the adept sees no immediate remedy from the awful desolate landscape which presents itself. Recollecting past spiritual gains only intensifies the grief of its loss. Advanced adepts who have entered into the Dark Night of the Spirit and who have accumulated past merit, experience tremendous grief in the sudden and all-encompassing realization of just how far removed they are from such former consolations. They despair of never being able to regain them in the same form as before. read more

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In the Belly of the Beast

The spiritual-death that the adept incurs in the Dark Night of the Spirit is like joining Old Jonah in the Belly of the Whale. Yet the adept must continue to abide in this dark-confining tomb until the Dark Ray of Infused Contemplation has completed its task and the great day of ascension dawns. What the adept most acutely experiences during this confinement is that even spiritual agencies have abandoned him. On the relative plane even close friends and associations have departed and no longer provide any source of comforting support. Not only this apparent humiliation, but the Dark Contemplation also has the effect of making the adept realizing one’s own abject spiritual-poverty and misery. It’s like hanging over the dark precipice not even being able to breathe. The adept is not even made aware of what is actually occurring, and that is the Unborn Spirit consuming all the deeply-rooted habit energy that has afflicted the adept throughout his entire life. read more

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Infused Contemplation

The Dark Night of the Spirit is an inflowing of the Unborn Spirit. It purges the Unborn Mind adept of all imperfections, both natural, psychophysical and spiritual. This is known by contemplatives as “Infused Contemplation”. This is also when celestial agencies transmit secret gnosis and perfects the adept in the Unitive Way of the Unborn. The adept does not move an inch nor is required to use the reasoning faculty. All natural faculties are now subdued in order to receive the Dark Contemplation that is reserved for those few shining ones who dare enter such illuminating heights of the Spirit. The same Transcendent Wisdom that blesses such spiritual pilgrims on other planes of existence now descends upon those who will incur the Great Silent Illumination on the sultry planes of this saha-world. read more

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Preparation for the Ascent

Contemplating Mind (Han-shan Te-Ch’ing (1546-1623)

Look upon the body as unreal,
An image in a mirror,
Or the reflection of the moon in water.
Contemplate the mind as formless,
Yet bright and pure.
Not a single thought arising,
Empty, yet perceptive,
Still, yet illuminating,
Complete like the Great Emptiness,
Containing all that is wonderful.
Neither going out nor coming in,
Without appearances or characteristics,
Countless skillful means
Arise out of one mind.
Independent of material existence,
Which is ever an obstruction,
Do not cling to deluded thoughts.
These give birth to illusion.
Attentively contemplate this mind,
Empty, devoid of all objects.
If emotions should suddenly arise,
You will fall into confusion.
In a critical moment bring back the light,
Powerfully illuminating.
Clouds disperse, the sky is clear,
The sun shines brilliantly.
If nothing arises within the mind,
Nothing will manifest without.
That which has characteristics
Is not original reality.
If you can see a thought as it arises,
This awareness will at once destroy it.
Whatever state of mind should come,
Sweep it away, put it down.
Both good and evil states
Can be transformed by mind.
Sacred and profane appear
In accordance with thoughts.
Reciting mantras or contemplating mind
Are merely herbs for polishing a mirror.
When the dust is removed,
They are also wiped away.
Great extensive spiritual powers
Are all complete within the mind.
The Pure Land or the Heavens
Can be traveled to at will.
You need not seek the real,
Mind is originally is Buddha.
The familiar becomes remote,
The strange seems familiar.
Day and night, everything is wonderful.
Nothing you encounter confuses you.
These are the essentials of mind. read more

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