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Infused Contemplation

The Dark Night of the Spirit is an inflowing of the Unborn Spirit. It purges the Unborn Mind adept of all imperfections, both natural, psychophysical and spiritual. This is known by contemplatives as “Infused Contemplation”. This is also when celestial agencies transmit secret gnosis and perfects the adept in the Unitive Way of the Unborn. The adept does not move an inch nor is required to use the reasoning faculty. All natural faculties are now subdued in order to receive the Dark Contemplation that is reserved for those few shining ones who dare enter such illuminating heights of the Spirit. The same Transcendent Wisdom that blesses such spiritual pilgrims on other planes of existence now descends upon those who will incur the Great Silent Illumination on the sultry planes of this saha-world. read more

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