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The Ultimatum of Klaatu’caricature by Javier Martin

The two dynamics that invariably need to be borne in mind when considering Bodhisattvas are awakening and transforming. Once awakening, the Bodhisattva immediately sets out to transform the life of sentient beings so that they in turn will experience the fruits and liberation of that self-same awakening. Along the way of this most compassionate endeavor, they will experience the ten-stages of Bodhisattva-bhūmi but not without first extending that gift of transformation; hence their life is never an isolated affair but directly other-involved. It’s all about adhering to the Law of Maturation. Jens Braarvig writes: read more

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The Bodhi-Dharma

Our rendition and exegesis of the Udāna begins with three parallel passages that concerns Dependent Co-Origination, both in “forward” and “reverse” order, i.e., in something occurring that affects another vs. refusing to engage the catalyst thus preventing and nullifying another consequential action. All of this, of course, has its import after the Buddha arises from his own Deep-Samadhi beneath the Bodhi-tree, or the “tree whose roots” first initiates the awakening of the first Bodhi-Dharma on the origin of all dukkha. It’s the tree of knowledge, not in the negative sense like in the Book of Genesis, but an auspicious one whose roots nourish and engender a deep-gnosis concerning the path to spiritual growth and enlightenment and thus liberation from the samsaric toil. read more

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