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The Creator

An earnest, true Lankavatarian adept of the Unborn Mind-school should recognize and be fully convinced that this triple world is nothing but a complex manifestation of one`s mental activities; that it is devoid of selfness and its belongings. That there are no strivings, no comings and no goings. In light of the Lanka, One should recognize and accept the fact that this triple world is manifested and imagined as real only under the influence of habit-energy that has been accumulated since the beginning-less past, by reason of memory, false-imagination, false-reasoning as well as attachments to the multiplicities of objects and reactions in close relationship and in conformity to ideas of body-property-and-its-master, the imaginary mind. read more

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No Favoritism

If you want the Buddhamind to reveal ITself,
Don’t play any favorites.
Entrapped in the middle between agreeable and objectionable,
The result is a mind-disease. read more

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