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The Rat of the Vital Wind

The end of 2020 was just as momentous of the end of 2019 with the death of my parents. My much beloved male Tonkinese Cat died from cancer. I was devastated. He is dearly missed by me and his surviving 11 year-old sister. They both were raised by me as kittens. She cries-out for him on a daily basis, searching around the house in vain for his departed presence. You have to realize that for me as a celibate these beloved creatures are more than just pets—pets are what you call goldfish perhaps but these are my daily companions. It’s been hard for me to begin anew with my monthly regimen of writing here on the Unborn Mind Zen blog. Recently, though, I was curled up with a good book in my gas-heated outside hermitage which bars the door to the frigid winter climate. The book’s title is Obscure Religious Cults, by S.D. Gupta. My volume is a heavy leather-bound edition. I began taking up the text earlier last year with the intention of one day offering a blog series on this marvelous work. The first passage I turned to while sitting in my hermitage read, read more

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The Dharmakaya Stick

The Dharmakaya Stick has been utilized by the Primordials and aspiring Unborn Mind adepts since time immemorial. Its purpose is to provide an uninterrupted flow of Primordial Bodhipower that initiates Right Welcoming into the singular Nirvanic Kingdom of the Dharmakaya. The adept grasps the frame of the weighty chiseled iron (approximately 520 g) measuring 250 x 28.9 mm. Indeed, it has a most magnificent weighty-feel in the palm of the hand as if being magnetically in union of some higher power that animates and nurtures the symbiotic link between the Primordials and the adept. I had the one pictured above especially prepared to highlight the two-vajra ends as painted metallic purple (indicating their most royal-bearing), the mystical chalice in the neck region painted metallic silver as well as the “rings” at the top and bottom. My nephew, Marcus, provided the necessary artistic skill in painting these most significant areas. The Two-Vajras are the indestructible and immutable symbol of one’s own Buddha-essence—the impenetrable, immovable, immutable, and indivisible state of enlightenment or Buddhahood. They also constitute the unalterable dignity of the inner deity of the Dharmatā Buddha that is housed within the Dharmakaya Stick. The Mystical Chalice is representative of the nurturing nectar that is offered to the adept by the ever-abiding spirit of the Primordials thereby drinking freely from the elixir and essence of Primordial Bodhi. The two silver rings indicate that the adept is being wed to the spirit of Deathlessness as represented by the Skull at the top as well as to the Diamond Mind of the Tathagatas as portrayed by the royal-purple of the vajras. read more

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The Primordials

The Primordials are spiritual benefactors who will never let you down and they will guard you in all your ways. They always have your back and are forever ready to intercede on behalf of the most diligent of adepts. Their source is an inner Yin-Dragon factor, That Primordial Dark Energy that sustains the entire cosmos, which is the very lifeblood of the Primordials themselves. Under their sacred tutelage the Primordials will make you vividly aware that spiritual growth is not the concern of some secluded and thus isolated skandhic persona, but rather the very vivifying interaction with Divine associations that enhance and enlighten the way forward in the perennial Quest of the Unborn. If you maintain this spiritual-symbiosis then the Primordials will shower you with a profound Buddha-gnosis that will reveal the elemental-alchemical key that unlocks the code to the secret treasuries of the Unborn Buddha Mind which forever liberates one from any further samsaric incarceration.  If you can grasp this undivided mystery then the Primordials will point you in the Right Direction of melding with the very Tathatic-Mind Itself. read more

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