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The Mystic Eye

Do you see the eye directly in the center of your forehead? If not, take note that It sees you and promises you entrance to the gateless gate of the Unborn Mind. As such you will never see it or know it’s there in an ordinary sense because It is the Primordial Eye of Noble Wisdom Itself. It’s the eye of the Deathless Dharmakaya looking back upon Itself. But this watchful Dragon-Eye invites you to enter into the Imageless domain of the Shining Ones. It is only in this fashion that the scales will drop from ordinary vision and instill you with the Maha-vision of knowing the Dharmadhātu. Reality AS IT IS. Seeing with this Mystic Eye the clouds of illusion are forever parted as you learn to trust in what you cannot see more than what your former skandhic-prism did by preventing the real light from shining through. You now KNOW Truth from the UN-reality of your anti-self which has always been the supposed-watcher but in actuality was an imposter all along. Your own Urna or third-eye point has awakened—that supreme spiritual location from which the supernal vision of the Unborn Gnosis flows unhindered. The authentic Biguan-point.  Open-It, Own It, Live WITH It, It will never let you down. read more

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Slay the Watcher!

Not allowing mind to abide in a naturally relaxed status only binds and imprisons one in mental fixations. These rigid obscurations only induce karmic traces to linger and take root. Even if you were to meditate for a thousand kalpas there will be no severance from illusions and thus nirvanic freedom is forever lost. If such episodes self-subside, any former karmic influences will be purified.  So slay the delusional watcher! In doing so forestalls anticipation in watching for any further and unwarranted movement. Simply stay still and relax in the dolemen of the mind. read more

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The Great Escape

ii.25 The Isolation of the Watcher dissolves the nexus with Phenomena

The Watcher is a creation of maya (illusion). When incarcerated in the skandhic-materially-laden realms of defiled aggregated existence, there emerges the mistaken identity of the Watcher for the Self. This erroneous identification (avidya) can be dissolved when this Watcher is bracketed (isolated) from the equation of Self-Recollection. What remains is the Self grounded in Its own True Identity=Tathata.  In order for this liberation to occur the yogin needs to develop the recently aforementioned spiritual discipline. Through those meditation/contemplative tools the anti-self of the Watcher can be isolated and scrutinized by the Wisdom-Eye of Tathata that can see straight-through this false energy signature and call it out for the bogus observer that it claims to be . This all-seeing Eye of Perfect Suchness has the faculty of undivided awareness-power that is yoked with the perfect-wisdom of the Tathagatakaya (the Luminous Spirit-Body-Mind of the Tathagata). There are no discriminatory marks in the Unborn. Thus any Mind-imposter that engages in the act of discriminating the passing superficiality of any given phenomenal-field can be singled-out for the con-artist it actually is. read more

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You are Not your Pain

ii.17-24 Identification with Phenomena is the Cause of Pain

2.17 When The Self Yokes with Everything It is Not. read more

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