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The Mind of the Perceiver

iv. 23-26 Gradations of  Perception 4.23 The Observer, the field of knowledge, and knowledge itself are conjoined in the mind of the perceiver. This is an advanced stage along the way to direct illumination. The perceiving mind becomes aware of itself as observer and as the medium through which gnosis is conveyed. Hence, this is direct mental-perception; though not yet direct spiritual-perception. 4.24 The perceiving mind becomes the instrument of the Self and the medium through which Read more [...]

The Great Escape

ii.25 The Isolation of the Watcher dissolves the nexus with Phenomena The Watcher is a creation of maya (illusion). When incarcerated in the skandhic-materially-laden realms of defiled aggregated existence, there emerges the mistaken identity of the Watcher for the Self. This erroneous identification (avidya) can be dissolved when this Watcher is bracketed (isolated) from the equation of Self-Recollection. What remains is the Self grounded in Its own True Identity=Tathata.  In order for this Read more [...]