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Bodhisattva Mañjuśrī

The Most Noble Bodhisattva Mañjuśrī forthwith arose from his seat in the sacred assembly, bowed and then prostrated himself at the feet of the Tathagata and then circumambulated about him three times to the right. He then knelt down and with hands clasped in a manner depicting sublime devotion, invoked the Blessed One. “O Most Highly Honored-One of unbounded Compassion! For the sake of this most august assembly, I humbly beseech thee to expound upon your profound teaching concerning the Read more [...]

Origin of the One who Suffers

Chapter Ten: On the Four Truths There’s an interesting copy of this chapter translated by Charles Patton found on the old Dark Zen website. The notable difference from other copies concerns the line, "That which is called [the sufferer] is not called the noble truth of suffering.” The translation otherwise found says “That which is called [suffering].” Whatever the reason was for the change, it fits in perfectly with the main thrust of the chapter as “the origin of the one who suffers”. Read more [...]

You are Not your Pain

ii.17-24 Identification with Phenomena is the Cause of Pain 2.17 When The Self Yokes with Everything It is Not. When the Self so totally over-identifies and yokes with everything in the phenomenal world It is Not, then It becomes It’s own executioner. “I am my thoughts; my body”, “I am my personal problems”, “I am exclusively a product of my genetic make-up, my family, my occupation in life.” There needs to be a substitution with Ensō in the equation: when Mind Recollects Read more [...]

The Hard Won Path

  The Yogasūtras of Patañjali Book II: The Hard Won Path Whereas Book I was the heart of Patañjali’s Yoga sutras—the Hardcore Teachings of eradicating all thought-obstructions in order to “Yoke” with the Unborn—Book II is a practicum—a “how to guide” of developing the yogic discipline needed in order to successfully navigate through the turbulent samsaric seas before experiencing the Re-Union (Yoked-ness) with the Nirvanic Shore of Suchness. This is the Yoga of Action. Here Read more [...]

The Best Decision

Well, at long last the drawn-out campaign season here in the USA will finally be coming to a close. Once again the nastiness of the political beasts and cultural wars was very much in vogue, replaying the same ol’ delusional lies and ignorant games over and over and over. When all is said and done it won’t really be said and done since the “polarization” that’s been afflicting the nation promises to widen the great divide with greater gusto more than ever. In the words of the poet, Read more [...]