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Is the Unborn A Religion?

We would not want one to confuse Unborn Mind Zen with some form of new religion. Religion, at its heart, comes from the Latin, religare–meaning to be bound to. Much of the ongoing chaos in the world is directly tied … Continue reading

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(40) I Am Always There

This I can say about me: That I am always there, for you My name cannot be found by your blinded mind And yet you persist to give me so many Calling it religion If you do not discover me … Continue reading

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Sannyasa Darshan-A Treatise on Traditional and Contemporary Sannyasa

Look’s like a good read… The sannyasa tradition should not be confused with any from of organized religion. The concept and aim of sannyasa predates every kind of religion in existence in the world today. Sannyasa is not just an … Continue reading

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Dream Weaver

A study on the Lanka would be remiss without focusing on one of its more prominent terms: manomayakaya. Red Pine describes it as, “a projection body—because it travels quickly and without obstruction, like a thought…endowed with higher powers and spiritual … Continue reading

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