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Is the Unborn A Religion?

We would not want one to confuse Unborn Mind Zen with some form of new religion. Religion, at its heart, comes from the Latin, religare–meaning to be bound to. Much of the ongoing chaos in the world is directly tied to religion. Especially when people are indeed so “bound to it” that they lose all sense of responsible reason. Many continue to be slaughtered all in the name of religion, something that has been ongoing since time immemorial. And without realizing it, people are slaughtering themselves in the process. Let us take Christianity as an example. Those bound to that mindset try to avoid suffering in all of its forms but instead, become part of the suffering itself. If you follow a guy with a cross, you can expect having trouble and misery as a constant companion. The outcome can only be what Søren Kierkegaard described as Fear and Trembling. It’s actually creating a roadblock to freedom from such nonsense. I’ve seen the self-destruction firsthand and it’s a terrible recognition. Incessant worrying is the result, and this actually breaks-down the spirit and definitely creates psychophysical illnesses. Your life becomes just one big cross and suffering is there as an unwanted companion through it all. The more one prays, the greater the torment. An endless cycle of a self-fulfilling prophecy which at the end of life says, “Father, why have you abandoned me?” Millions wait for Jesus to come again and in so doing life itself just becomes one agonizing anticipation for something that will never happen. Jesus is long dead, now go on living! The Unborn is That which is Uncomposed, Undying, and Uncreated. It is not any ism, Its Unbounded Liberation Itself. read more

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(40) I Am Always There

This I can say about me:

That I am always there, for you

My name cannot be found
by your blinded mind

And yet you persist
to give me
so many read more

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Sannyasa Darshan-A Treatise on Traditional and Contemporary Sannyasa

Look’s like a good read…

The sannyasa tradition should not be confused with any from of organized religion. The concept and aim of sannyasa predates every kind of religion in existence in the world today. Sannyasa is not just an Indian tradition but a universal tradition which represents the original spiritual thoughts of humanity. Prior to the advent and organization of religions such as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, people had their views about spiritual life. In every culture there have been people who had spiritual experiences and who have thought about spiritual life and values, and along with these thoughts different systems of understanding spirituality arose. read more

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Dream Weaver

A study on the Lanka would be remiss without focusing on one of its more prominent terms: manomayakaya. Red Pine describes it as, “a projection body—because it travels quickly and without obstruction, like a thought…endowed with higher powers and spiritual masteries obtained in the Samadhi of the Illusory, the different projection bodies of bodhisattvas appear simultaneously, like unobstructed projections, in whatever realms they recall having vowed to bring those beings to perfection who delight in the personal realization of Buddha knowledge.” Once again, his over-reliance on the word “projection” essentially “projects” a misleading understanding as to the nature of the term…like it’s some kind of an “astral-projection” appearing at will wherever it desires. Suzuki translates it as, “Mind-made body”, or “Will” body; I believe that he’s closer to the mark because the manomayakaya is a manifested Mind-Body of undivided awareness power that is revealed only through a perfected state of Samadhi. Manomayakaya is essentially a Mind-revelation initiating creative vibratory nodes within an otherwise constricted body-consciousness. It is not a ghost or an apparition or a corporal entity nor a spirit, and certainly NOT the stuff that dreams are made of—but rather an awakened resonance that emanates from the dark and luminous body of the Tathagatas. read more

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