The Stilling


32. The Stilling

hex 32

Amoghasiddhi at Rest


All is coming to a stop. It’s an opportunity to quieten all vexatious intoxications and to rest free and easy: Amoghasiddhi at Rest. Discern the proper posture that is right for you and enter into the stillness. Nothing exists but the Right Position that radiates the calm serenity of the Unborn. You ARE the stillness—stillness upon stillness—as with the hexagram depicting two mountains conjoined, Amoghasiddhi the still-one as his sacred mudra (Abhaya) issues a FULL STOP to all karmic activity.

Keeping still as a mountain issues forth Right Mindfulness as everything is clear and balanced with no-thing obstructing the supernal-position of the Recollective Absolute. All base impulses are effectively quelled leaving all one’s cares forgotten atop the Mount of Primordial Perfection.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: Stilling the feet—no movement.

Do not move—remain still and detached. Cultivate the posture that is right for you and evaporate into the stillpoint.

Second yin: Stilling the legs—do not follow what disrupts your quietude.

Do not follow the mundane concerns of others; all that matters now is Right Resilience in the way of deathlessness.

Third yang: Stilling the loins induces asphyxiation.

Too much restraint—learn to remain supple even in the heart of distracting tendencies.

Fourth yin: Stilling the Body—no error!

Right Resistance against the Body and its defiling carnal consciousness leads to a Mind at rest.

Fifth yin: Stilling the speech is the avoidance of all misfortune.

An active-tongue betrays an anxious mind—remain still at all costs.

Sixth yang: Persevere in stillness. In doing so you will reap Right Rewards.

Cultivating Peace of Mind is the best virtue.

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