Prior to Culmination


31. Prior to Culmination

hex 31

Akshobhya Regenerated


A time for reflective pause is in order. Vital energies need to be renewed before commencing on: Akshobhya Regenerated. While no goal is favorable now it is a time to carefully discern your options, hence the hexagram representing Amitabha with his Discriminating Wisdom at the top. This is a developmental stage of refining the Self with a crystalline awareness and hence a time of great inner-responsibility.

As the Unborn adage goes one needs to remain “prior to” any action by allowing the primordial-spirit to make the proper move at the right junction. An inner balance is required wherein one quietens the anxious mind thus allowing the all-discerning spirit to make the Right Decision under all circumstances.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: The fox gets its tail wet—most embarrassing.

Attempting to make rapid progress now only results in humiliation. Non-action is clearly advised at this time.

Second yang: Apply the brakes now at all costs.

Good fortune awaits one who is willing to steer the middle-course in affecting Right Assessment.

Third yin: A quick-crossing of the fiord now is ill-advised but one must not lose sight of the awards awaiting on the further shore.

One step at a time before anuttara samyak sambodhi.

Fourth yang: Integrity always bodes well.

The supernal-prize will be won through Right Persistence.

Fifth yin: Remaining in a supernal-frame of mind brings good results.

Dependence upon the “prior-to” assessments of the Primordials is always best.

Sixth yang: Right Restraint is always normative.

Maintaining strict inner-discipline and discernment is the best course of action.

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