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An Arcanum of Intuition

As I continued my journey along the winding road, a breathtaking scene unfolded before my eyes. The once gloomy sky had transformed into a canvas of vibrant colors, as the heavy clouds gracefully dispersed, allowing the radiant sun to cast its golden rays upon the horizon. The road ahead seemed to glow with an ethereal luminosity, beckoning me to venture further. read more

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Lord Over Karma

The Unborn Bhagavad Gita is a manual in being free from the negative effects of karma. The hyperlink indicated is a chapter in the series on the Yoga of Discernment. The Unborn Lord of Yoga (portrayed as Krishna) indicates to a disheartened Arjuna: read more

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6. Self-conflict

Akshobhya Confined

Separation from equanimity within the Self-Mind leads to dire straits. One becomes identified (false self-recognition) again exclusively with phenomenal outflows and thus submerges the Essential-Self that is synonymous with the Primordial-Source Itself. Hence one is in Self-conflict. One must constantly recollect that all defiled-garbha cannot touch the Essence of who you really are. read more

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Detached Action

Hence, Arjuna, always be mindful of acting with no-attachments. Just do what is required of you without desiring any particular outcomes. Just Recollect that all will unfold as it should in the Unborn. read more

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Right Action knows no Glory

2.47 As for you, Arjuna, act on what is necessary and never become attached to the fruit of your actions; in the same manner, never become attached to non-action. read more

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