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Ten: Unborn and Beginningless

10.1 The Blessed Unborn Lord said: Arjuna, listen-well to all that I bestow upon you, for you are my dearly beloved. 10.2 Neither the gods nor exotic beings nor holy sages know my origin, for I AM the Source of … Continue reading

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The Quiescent Spirit

2. The Quiescent Spirit Ratnasambhava’s Portal The Yin Gate is the open-doorway through which all Buddhas gain entrance to the affairs of sentient beings. The way forward is illumined with a Translucent Darkness that is a darkness to the senses … Continue reading

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Right Action knows no Glory

2.47 As for you, Arjuna, act on what is necessary and never become attached to the fruit of your actions; in the same manner, never become attached to non-action. Most wise. Never rest on your past laurels and never permit … Continue reading

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High Noon: Bardo 3, Ratnasambhava

It’s been said that “High Noon”, or mid-day, highlights the Mark of Equanimity. There are no shadows. Everything is emblazoned with the same homogeneous-light. As the good book says, “His Sun shineth on both good and bad alike.” Such is … Continue reading

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Physician, heal thyself

5. The Consolation of the Invalid, cont’d “The sick bodhisattva should recognize that sensation is ultimately nonsensation, but he should not realize the cessation of sensation. Although both pleasure and pain are abandoned when the buddha-qualities are fully accomplished, there … Continue reading

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