The Darkening


35. The Darkening


Amitabha Subdued


The light has been extinguished and darkness reigns: Amitabha Subdued. Distressing forces surround you as if you are experiencing suffocation. Do not overreact to the darkening of the outside environment. There is a need to inwardly withdraw and assess the available options. What matters now is to direct attention to the True Inner Flame that is forever burning like an inextinguishable pilot light within the soul.

Never interact with the negative forces as this only exacerbates their awful hold over you. Only engage in spiritual communion with the Primordial Protectors who are always nearby to intercede for you. Always keep in mind that their efforts on your behalf are undetectable yet nevertheless are always successful in combating the dark dominions of the evil one. We can assist their noble interventions by never losing heart and remaining detached from all evil.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: No apparent progress is being made as the darkening is all-encompassing.

Take stock of Right Merit and buckle-down for the duration of the storm.

Second yin: An injury has been inflicted upon you—fear not as you shall recover soon.

This interval is about healing and nothing else—take the time to properly heal and don’t rush the process.

Third yang: Illumination is concealed. Persevere until the light returns.

Lay low until the darkness dissipates. The light will return of its own accord.

Fourth yin: Someone has inflicted upon you an ignominious injustice. Fret not as the other’s dark intent has been clearly revealed.

Your enemy has been brought out into the open. Remain impervious to the blow lest your return negativity invites disaster.

Fifth yin: Your fellow cohort has received a mortal blow. Yield externally but internally remain resolute and focused. 

Grieve but still persevere despite the loss of a friend.

Sixth yin: Endless darkness! The descent is hard to bear but refrain from deep despondency.  

You have fallen from the heights and are sick with remorse. Don’t wallow in self-pity but pick up your mat and walk.

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