(41) An Alien Spirit


For those who worship the infinite creations of obstructed, alien spirits,
there can only be suffering [pain, alienation, depression and

Authentic Spirit is un-born, un-created, un-conceived and cannot be found
in this world-realm or any other, nor can it be found within this
very body or (ego)-mind that you cultivate, uphold and defend with such

Un-obstructed communication with Spirit is of outmost importance.

For who knows your pain, in this existence, better than Spirit?

The ‘language’ of spirit is truly dark and obscure to those who walk within
the realms of the born, the created, the conceived, with burning
senses and smothered with anger.

Even love to the such, hate to the such or pride before the such,
are obstructing snakes that blocks the path to liberation.

Spirit cannot be sought here or there, amongst the born or anything

One who comes into phase with its nature, essence and all-pervading
light, will never again experience loneliness.

To such a one, life or death is of no more concern and thus one attains
deathlessness with the end of all suffering.

But to the one who worships life and all the created, who abides by its
infinite aroused desires, who forgets the merit and virtue that brought
one to this world-realm for the sole purpose of awakening, will
lose both one’s life and the all that one sought or amassed in vanity.

Indeed, there is nothing but darkness and suffering ahead.

Thus it was said, in timeless clarity.
“Thou shalt have no other gods, before, me”.

To not listen and understand such a thundering sentence is to slander
Spirit and seek excuses to live a life amongst lies and deceptions.

In ignorance, men have gone forth and killed, lied and betrayed for
Not understanding…
Using it for their own selfish purposes, with evil and desire-filled hearts.
For minds of this kind, there is no redemption as long as such darkness reigns in their hearts.
For the extent of suffering they bring upon themselves is
truly heavy.
Pity them, for they know not what they do.

Therefore it should be clear, that one who desires to recollect and
fuse with the unborn, the uncreated, the unconceived, that which
is the origination and preceding source of the apparently illuminated
in all ten directions…

One must first truly abandon all that is dear and all that obstructs such a
task and cleanse oneself from all defiling and subtle desires to the
born, the created, the conceived and seek complete refuge in the unborn, uncreated and unconceived.

How else can one receive the Unborn’s infinite and blissful light

Of timeless grace

And peace…

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