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(37) Alpha and Omega

Oh how wonderful how indescribable, It is there… It has always been there! All one had to do was to surrender completely… To lay down every sense of pride… Every wish to live or die…. Now peace, is finally here. No more fears, no more sorrows As the journey finally reaches its end… All this pain and all those brief lustful moments are but long forgotten dreams. Foolish indeed, To ever doubt this eternal Source Which in its spaceless singularity Radiates Read more [...]

Sūtra of the White Lotus Blossom of the Marvelous Dharma (Saddharma Puṇḍarīka Sūtra)

Today we begin a series on what is generally referred to as the Lotus Sutra. Certainly it’s a Sutra that has captured the mind and hearts of East Asians for many centuries and it’s fascinating how its influence is still vibrant as ever. Essentially, the Lotus Sutra is a vast Mahayana masterpiece that can be broken-down into stages that highlight the following: Stage One: chapters 2-9 encapsulate the Buddha’s teaching on expedient means (Skt.: upāyakauśalya, or upāya).  Also interjected Read more [...]

(36) A Timeless Lesson

A perfect teaching cannot ever be spoken, yet the great Buddha, once awakened fully [to the principle], while holding a firm position within the luminous root of bodhi, moved his mouth and smiled, offering us direct entrance into this marvelous principle of right knowledge and right release, available still today, twenty-five hundred years after his unparalleled enlightenment. The practitioner of Zen is identical with the Buddha at every stage of the path, yet with every such stage, Mara, the Read more [...]

The Real-In-Truth

If it were not this way, The Truth would not be worth preserving. The All IS All, In the All you see AS ALL If you come-round and do IT There is no more worry about wanting to see the Absolute. The Truth-In-Mind is not about Twoness, Faith in the Truth supersedes all biases. Words and language without Mind are pitiful and frail, For the Real-In-Truth is sans past, sans present, sans future… The Way of the Real and Unborn Mind is not a divided-one. Truth is having Faith Read more [...]

(35) A Capricious Ghost

What is this nirvanic Mind possessing the auspicious ability to instantly illuminate anything whatsoever flawlessly, as a source of utter satisfaction, and yet, what is this mind that stands in its way, praying upon the reflections of its divine presence, like a capricious ghost, with nothing to offer but dead, dry bones, filled with empty promises of a better tomorrow? Well, about the One Mind of the deathless I can only say this: The divine principle of this Mind is the maker of Kings. Read more [...]

(34) The Siren’s Call

Obsessed with the body and all things that belong to the body, most beings in this world try to feed these specific needs of the false Lord in any way possible. For these dark deeds of the spirit they unknowingly use the animative power of the Mind with the feeble limitations of their artificial minds. Out of control and devoid of knowledge, they produce, through the apparent becoming-production of decaying things, brief moments of form and emptiness; In such fashion, they believe the Read more [...]

The Boundless Realm

In the Such one abides nowhere and yet everywhere, All the ten-directions are displayed right before you. The smallest is the largest, In the Realm where no delusions dwell. The large is as small as small can be large, In the Boundless Realm of no differences. Being is akin to non-Being, Non-being is akin to Being. In the Land of the Such there are no linguistic fantasies; here, there, everywhere, and yet nowhere abide in no-abidance faithfully keeping beat to unfaithful rat-catchers Read more [...]

Choosing the right path out of spiritual confusion and misfortune

  To a mind divided and blinded by the dissonant vibrations of doubt, fear and uncertainty it is very hard to see and choose the right path to salvation.  One should never forget that ultimately it is the illuminative knowledge acquired in right concentration, Samadhi, that paves the way which brings forth the light that leads to final salvation.  In Samadhi, the Mind is in a super-concentrated state of self-introspection, which is a purely spiritual activity where the Mind, now completely Read more [...]

(33) Faster than the Speed of Light

Today, many believe the Buddha is found in their brain and not in the imageless and instantaneous noble wisdom of complete self-recollection and self-gnosis, residing unanimously and all-present in their hearts. Because their hearts are closed, and their brains overactive, through the constant bombardment of external and internal stimuli, a spiritual myopia arises and triggers all kind of interdependent origination which leads to the creation of all kind of poisons prohibiting access Read more [...]

Absolute Faith

Enter into IT with full accord, In this fashion, the twin Iron Mountains will not hem you in. Simply saying, “Not-Two”, all things are resolved in the Unborn. Everything is now perfectly accommodated. The Shining Ones in all ten-directions, Faithfully abide in this Principle. This Absolute Faith transcends all time and space, One flash is as ten-thousand years. Being in-IT fulfills all other spiritual-disciplines. Being in-IT the twin-mountains of dualism have no more power Read more [...]