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(35) A Capricious Ghost

What is this nirvanic Mind possessing the auspicious ability to instantly illuminate anything whatsoever flawlessly, as a source of utter satisfaction, and yet, what is this mind that stands in its way, praying upon the reflections of its divine presence, like a capricious ghost, with nothing to offer but dead, dry bones, filled with empty promises of a better tomorrow? Well, about the One Mind of the deathless I can only say this: The divine principle of this Mind is the maker of Kings. Read more [...]

A Halloween Treat: A Capricious Ghost

This Dragon Mind of Zen video nicely dovetails on Tozen’s recent post on the Pure Light of Mahayana; a nice “treat” for Halloween but certainly no “trick” in light of this sober Mind realization that empowers one to overcome the antics of the Trickster himself. Read more [...]