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(34) The Siren’s Call

Obsessed with the body and all things that belong to the body, most beings in this world try to feed these specific needs of the false Lord in any way possible. For these dark deeds of the spirit they unknowingly use the animative power of the Mind with the feeble limitations of their artificial minds. Out of control and devoid of knowledge, they produce, through the apparent becoming-production of decaying things, brief moments of form and emptiness; In such fashion, they believe the Read more [...]


22. “The Bodhisattva's mind is like the void, for he relinquishes everything and does not even desire to accumulate merits. There are three kinds of relinquishment. When everything inside and outside, bodily and mental, has been relinquished; when, as in the Void, no attachments are left; when all action is dictated purely by place and circumstance; when subjectivity and objectivity are forgotten--that is the highest form of relinquishment. When, on the one hand, the Way is followed by the Read more [...]