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As Pamela continued on her journey, she eventually found herself standing at the very heart of the Fourth Tower. This particular Tower was dedicated to the practice of meditation, specifically the meditation of Recollection and its subsequent outcome: the Contemplation of Quietude. This was a highly significant practice, one that was said to bring about a multitude of effects. read more

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A Spirit of Quietude


7.1 Be aware that desiring both pleasure and prosperity can eventually lead to great misfortunes. They can never be your friends, even though they may be cloaked in virtue signaling. read more

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Nestled in Quietude

Contemplative Quietude is the best catalyst for growth in the Recollective Resolve of the spiritual life in the Unborn. Indeed, it is that Recollection itself, fully awake and aware of its vibrant Self-expression. It is the very pinnacle of illuminative wonderment and ecstatic-joy. It is the very vivifying realization that every breath we take ensues as a direct and prior and abundantly imageless and transcendent Sourcehood. Contemplative Quietude is therefore the Absolute Awareness of the Reality hidden in the very depths of that Source of Mind. It is privy to the gnosis behind this Selfhood, obscure to the carnal mind but with an Absolute Certitude that transcends the reasoning faculties and even guileless faith itself. Yea, it is an extraordinary depth of Self that bears a gnosis too profound to ever be grasped in images or shallow concepts. read more

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