Who, what are you?


What are you

Can you view yourself as one
whom has come to know their own true nature?
One, whom has gone beyond the senses,
whom in the gracious body of the Mind´s true light
transcended any and all views
or the most intense mortal descensions?
One whom stepped into a pure, unborn reality of the Mind
Where YOU, yes, the true YOU…
completely, perfectly
and incandescently content,
with that most luminous nature
of your own True Self?

If you apply the haze
of existence or non-existence
to it,
the delusion is complete
as a position of Mind is instantaneously born
to affirm something composed.
Your True Mind is positionless,
an absolute reality
beyond the Kingdom of Dreams,
hence the applied concept
of true self,
is like a finger pointing to this luminous Moon
where the sole power of its uncreated nature
shines unimpeded.
If you speak,
before knowing,
and believe to know something, before seeing.
Alas, once more the barrier of ignorance,
remains unbreached.


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2 Responses to Who, what are you?

  1. Vajragoni says:

    Great to have you back posting, 🙂

  2. Tozen says:

    Thank you. I see this little dharma-seed you planted, has grown into such a beautiful tree in the desert. Offering a soothing shade and a fine well of fresh clear water to any thirsty bypasser.

    Good work, my friend. Good work indeed.

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