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The True Body of the Precepts

Questioner: “If the essence of all the Buddha’s teachings were contained in the practice of looking directly into one’s nature and attaining Buddhahood, wouldn’t that make the formal practice of keeping the precepts meaningless?”  Bassui: “Keeping or violating the precepts … Continue reading

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Be A Buddha

(Haskel) Precepts  A certain master of the Precepts School asked: “Doesn’t your Reverence observe the precepts?” The Master said: “Originally, what people call the precepts were all for wicked monks who broke the rules; for the man who abides in … Continue reading

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The Signless Precepts

Southern School Sudden Doctrine, Supreme Mahayana Great Perfection of Wisdom: The Platform Sutra’ preached by the Sixth Patriarch Hui-neng at the la-fan Temple in Shao-do, one roll, recorded by the spreader of the Dharma, the disciple Fa-hai, who at the … Continue reading

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