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Being captivated by the allure of samsara’s myriad facets will inevitably lead to a dishonorable demise. Should one take a moment to contemplate their own samsaric circumstances, they will undoubtedly discern the catalyst that unleashes the relentless forces of suffering. Becoming infatuated with either the opposite or same sex will ensnare one in the shackles of emotional captivity. Likewise, an infatuation with one’s offspring can foster an unhealthy reliance in later years, while an infatuation with animals, such as beloved pets, can inflict profound anguish upon their human companions when they inevitably age and depart, leaving behind a desolate and sorrowful void. Succumbing to an infatuation with the world’s riches only serves to bind one completely to the treacherous allure of dark desires and materialistic entrapment. All of these pursuits represent the ignoble quest that ultimately culminates in self-annihilation. read more

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Two Kinds of Search

5.“Bhikkhus, there are these two kinds of search: the noble search and the ignoble search. And what is the ignoble search? Here someone being himself subject to birth seeks what is also subject to birth; being himself subject to ageing, he seeks what is also subject to ageing; being himself subject to sickness, he seeks what is also subject to sickness; being himself subject to death, he seeks what is also subject to death; being himself subject to sorrow, he seeks what is also subject to sorrow; being himself subject to defilement, he seeks what is also subject to defilement. read more

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