When the Terrible-Twos are no more,
Where’s the Demon Head of the One to be found?
In the Unborn Mind,
There is no need for standardization in any form.

Equanimity is the point of arriving where you have never left.
The harried-heads of the demons are forever gone.
Mind-vacillation stops Its vicarious twists and turns.
Right-faith is sharing-in the very vivifying-Mind of the Tathagatas.

When the Two are slain the Head of the One likewise rests on the silver plate of Victory. Standardized rules have no function in the Unborn. Yet, often this realization gets lost in the muddy waters of misinterpretation. As Chan Master Sheng Yen writes:

The ultimate is beyond all human rules and laws. It cannot be judged by worldly standards. Thoroughly enlightened people spontaneously help sentient beings in accordance with causes and conditions. Their actions are not bound by the moral codes of society. This is not the case for ordinary people. We must abide by certain principles and rules. But if the thoroughly enlightened are bound by these laws, it would not be genuine liberation. For them there is no boundary between activity and rest. 

But the misinterpretation of this truth has caused great harm. Some people think that Chan advertises moral indifference, that Chan practitioners in general are free to ignore ethical principles. There are some who admit they are not enlightened, but nevertheless refuse to recognize accepted rules of behavior. They reason that if they imitate the ways of an enlightened person, they will gradually pick up the enlightened spirit. [Yen, Chan Master Sheng (2013-04-02). Faith in Mind: A Commentary on Seng Ts’an’s Classic (Kindle Locations 1332-1334). Shambhala Publications. Kindle Edition.] 

Equanimity is the position of no-position in the Unborn. The former Demon Mind can no longer vacillate between opposite points within the position-less circumference of the Unborn and Absolute.  Right-Faith is no-faith in the unwary minds of the Icchantikas; yet it is having the Self-Same Mind-set of the Tathagatas. Thus, you can hang-up your hat on all positions.

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