If you weary the spirit with anxiety,
No beings in any of the six realms can help you.
In order for the One Vehicle to awaken you to the Dharmadhatu,
Do not attempt to dispel any sensate obstructions.

With no aversion towards the six realms of impermanence,
Right Contemplation will be your constant companion.
The Shining Ones do not gravitate towards aversion or affection,
While the foolish ones readily condemn themselves to endless-bondage.

Incessantly wearing the spirit down with needless anxiety only induces weariness. Once pinned-down with the heaviness of this self-created condition, no amount of seeking affinity with any outside agency, whether from gods, devas, favored animals, close-human companions/advisors, or even from invoking help from those who are walking on the endless-path of grasping to be full-of-something (hungry ghosts), or from those trying to extricate themselves from their own self-made hells, can alleviate this self-induced apathy. There is only one breakthrough, and that is through the One Vehicle of the Unborn Buddha Mind. This Unborn-Agency Alone can awaken one to the Element of Truth, the Dharmadhatu. It’s important to realize that this Singular Aid never needs any help from “you” interfering with Its own Natural-Spontaneity that is always ready to break whatever barrier manifests itself that attempts to impede proper affinity with Its Un-born-ness. Any attempt of assistance (blocking Wu-hsin) on your part only makes you the greatest obstruction of them all.

The same goes for bearing any aversion to these six realms of impermanence. Indeed, even the slightest hint of revulsion towards the denizens in any of these realms will only alert them thereby rendering undue havoc upon your spirit. Remaining sure-footed and true in the Recollective Resolve will eradicate any false thought-patterns that believe these six realms somehow exist independently—apart from the larger matrix of the all-encompassing Buddha-field of the Unborn. Regularly employing Right Contemplation will always assure the Pinnacle of Self-Recognition–Sola Mind-Substance (by Mind-Only), that always Precedes the darkness of any self-limited outside agencies. Like the great Dhyani-Buddha Aksobhya, the Mind-adept remains immovable in the face of all passing dharmas and thus never leans in the direction of either aversion or affection; whilst the prthagjanas incessantly engage the six realms thus condemning themselves to perpetual abuse and bondage.

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