(25) The Prisoner


The best sign of knowing that you really have entered the true spiritual principle of the Buddhadharma is that in the beginning all hell breaks loose. Your ordinary life and mind seems at times turned upside down.

Why you might ask? The answer is simple.

Your body consciousness into which your spirit and mind is imprisoned to believe in the trickeries of the evil ones [the guardians of the five skandhas], is essentially a prison without bars. You are seemingly able to move about freely within its domains without a visible prison warden, because its entire environment is filled with symbols that subliminally affects your mind to accept and remain a slave to the will of its evil masters.

It is only when your first desire to awake and escape, becomes strong enough, that you discover the bars and the prison guards who are there to divide, confuse and rule you. Recalling and looking at the very root-source of your creations, upon which they feed, you can discover how to break out from this most illustrious trap.

The real Buddhadharma, its deathless body of undivided awareness power, teaches you that your true self carries the light of enlightenment and once you break free from this grey and lightless egg shell of these evil guardians, you discover that the light and truth of yourself was there all the time and nothing is actually, once you manage to escape this golden cage, gained or lost.

For what is discovered at the threshold of such self-illumination is not a corruptible religion, but something incorruptible of the Mind being there solely for the grace of the Mind and nothing else.

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