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Eye of the Dragon

A Dreamy-Dance of the Gandharvas, Are Fleeting-shadows that cannot be embraced. Thoughts of rightness or wrongness, Let them be gone with quick dispatch. The Eye of the Dragon does not sleep, Dreams evaporate under its nirvanic-stare. If Mind Recollects Its … Continue reading

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(9) Refuge

When there is suffering at hand and one’s imagination cannot find an answer, one should seek this answer in something more supreme and greater than this imagination. This essence, this vast mind, knows you better than you know yourself. It … Continue reading

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Shadows on the Wall

Thirty-two: Shadows on the Wall [Gemmell & Mu Soeng] The Lord Buddha addressed Subhuti, saying : “If a disciple, having immeasurable spheres filled with the seven treasures, bestowed these in the exercise of charity; and if a disciple, whether man … Continue reading

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When the adept’s perceptional faculties are regenerated, all discursive associations dissolve away like shadows disappearing into the deepening twilight. One awakens beyond the mundane affairs of the heavy-laden body consciousness into the boundless miracle of the deathless principle. There is … Continue reading

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