The Boundless Realm

Boundless Realm

In the Such one abides nowhere and yet everywhere,
All the ten-directions are displayed right before you.
The smallest is the largest,
In the Realm where no delusions dwell.

The large is as small as small can be large,
In the Boundless Realm of no differences.
Being is akin to non-Being,
Non-being is akin to Being.

In the Land of the Such there are no linguistic fantasies; here, there, everywhere, and yet nowhere abide in no-abidance faithfully keeping beat to unfaithful rat-catchers in all ten-directions of the imageless skies. All permeate as smallest mountains on the largest pin-drops in the Buddha-realm where all delusions cannot be sustained. The Big is True and the Small is the Biggest of all Truths. Here in the Boundless-Realm of no-beginnings, Being becomes brethren to non-Being; here in the Boundless Realm of no-endings, Non-being becomes brethren to Being as the Dharma-Being of Perfect Suchness.

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  1. Methexis says:

    The picture reminds me of old VGA game graphics … where did you find it?

  2. Methexis says:

    (Love it btw., always gives me soothing feelings of nostalgia.)

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