The Real-In-Truth


If it were not this way,
The Truth would not be worth preserving.
The All IS All,
In the All you see AS ALL

If you come-round and do IT
There is no more worry about wanting to see the Absolute.
The Truth-In-Mind is not about Twoness,
Faith in the Truth supersedes all biases.

Words and language without Mind are pitiful and frail,
For the Real-In-Truth is sans past, sans present, sans future…

The Way of the Real and Unborn Mind is not a divided-one. Truth is having Faith in the Undivided Mind. All other dualistic-obstructions in light of this Truthful Mind are as nothing in the face of the Real and Absolute.

This concludes our series on Seng-ts’an’s “Xinxin Ming: Song of the Truthful Mind.” Indeed, it’s been just that. A tightly-compact (like the direct-center in the nucleus of a Super-Nova) Song of Truth-in-Mind radiating from the very Undivided Heart of Suchness Itself; to keep IT forever fresh in mind simply Recollect, “Not-Two”, anything bearing dualistic-attributes are forever false. The True-Mind takes stock only in IT’s Essential-Suchness, no-thing more, no-thing less.

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