No More Light, No More Darkness…


No-thing is anywhere to be found;
No-thing has the power to Recollect.
The Darkness of the Void is Lucid and Bright.
No dark stain of corporeity soils the Luminous Mind.

IT is not a realm of constricted cognition;
Yea, not a Realm of narrow-reason, emotion and spoiled imagination.
In the Kingdom of True Suchness, Tathata,
Where are the traces of light or darkness?

No-thing-ness can withstand the awesome Translucent Light of the Unborn. Only the Dharmakayic-Spirit of Suchness can Recollect ITself. ITs Void is darkness to the senses and eternal light to the spirit. No amount of corporeity can soil even a hairsbreadth of ITs True Essential Stature. No amount of Intellect can grasp IT. Even the ultimate emotion-filled imagination can never, ever come close to portraying IT as IT IS in ITSELF. The Tathatic-Spirit far transcends any feeble-minded attempts to render IT Holy; IT is not an Other or some form of self-contained Entity (which is in actuality the no-self beast). IT is beyond the bounds of light and darkness, for IT is both and neither; IT is nowhere and everywhere, and both nowhere and anywhere in-between.

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