Manufactured Dreams


There is no-other teaching apart from the One-Vehicle,
The ones in ignorance only become attached to their own chatter.
If you try to use Mind to cultivate Mind,
The Mind would dissolve Itself.

The bewildered ones inherit the seasons of satisfaction and discontent,
While the children of Bodhi bear no fancies or scorn.
All dualistic constrictions,
Are manufactured by the dreaming Mind Itself.

There is Mind-Only and no-other Mind. Imagining any other is mere mind-chatter. Paraphrasing Bankei, trying to use Mind to cultivate Mind is like trying to wash away blood with blood; Huang Po made the assertion that Mind attempting to  grasp Mind would simply implicate Mind in some kind of subjective/objective substratum affair. The Worldlings (puthujjanas) incessantly confine themselves to the great see-saw affair of grasping for satisfaction, with the result being only more and more discontent; the Rolling Stones drove this point home in their wild refrain, “I can’t get No—Satisfaction…” Those baptized through the spiritual-waters of Bodhi yearn for no-thing and thus bear no-mark of momentary samsaric elations or depressions. Dualism is the initial spasm of Mind spanking Itself and not being Self-Satisfied, but rather dreaming and yearning for something that IT already has and IS.

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