(27) Karma


While you practice the dharma (The singular law of the One Mind),
in your encounters with others, you should not judge their actions
but patiently observe the unfolding of their karma and how they
relate to it.

Karma is a regulating force residing like a seed of equilibrium
within each mind linked by interdependent origination to samsara.
This serves as to draw each mind away from all extremes and
towards the middle as to pave way to every minds awakening.

There is no god with the power to ultimately judge your
actions without itself paying the price for such an action
first by distress and later by rebirth.

Every mind is ultimately its own judge and regulator. This is
the nature of the law. When we speak of karma we cannot point at
a certain point of a beings evolution and say,
look what evil it does, it deserves the pain that has or may fall
upon it”.

If I were to bring forth your own karma, I would be able to show
you the most incredible atrocities you have committed in the name
of desire, greed, fear, pride and other forms of self-ignorance.

If the existence of this planet, in the time it takes for you to
watch this video, would be dependent on the sincerity and purity
of the majority of beings inhabiting it, you would
never finish hearing even this one line because it would instantly
cease to exist in a split second.

When a Mind master (maha-bodhisattva) reviews the mind of a lesser
able it can see the myriad karmic outcomes residing in the
alaya consciousness linked to this mind.

When you look at another being you most probably see a person
and nothing else. Thus you should be careful in judging the actions
of others before you know the precise karma behind their present
being and actions caused by that formation.

Remember this…

If this aroused set of dreams in your mind is not completely transcended, the wheel of karma continues endlessly in endless various positions and combinations, of which none is of any absolute importance to your own self despite those desires and dreams you have conditioned yourself to treasure most.

Thus, the one caught in the prison of the body consciousness walks through this world as in a dream, which sometimes is good and sometimes bad. The awakened and truly living, has nowhere to walk, yet carries infinity at hand, as to create freely with what is underneath all things as an unstoppable force of sheer productiveness.

The wise and genuine zen student defeats their full set of conditions (karma)

Which really means they defeat their ‘past, present and future, by transferring full allegiance from what has been created, or is about to be re-created on the diurnal wheel of karma, to the Creator…

The Unborn Mind itself…

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