Eye of the Dragon

eye of dragon

A Dreamy-Dance of the Gandharvas,
Are Fleeting-shadows that cannot be embraced.
Thoughts of rightness or wrongness,
Let them be gone with quick dispatch.

The Eye of the Dragon does not sleep,
Dreams evaporate under its nirvanic-stare.
If Mind Recollects Its signature-watch,
All the ten-thousand things reflect a singular-suchness

Images of celestial-musicians piping a tune dissipate quickly before samsara’s incessantly roving-eye. Why give undue courtesy to worn-out circumstantial- mental permutations of rightness or wrongness? Shoo-them away as quickly as one swats a fly! The Dragon-Eye of Tathata never sleeps or lets-down Its Primordial-guard. All the transitory dreams of Samsara’s best disintegrate-away under Its steady-dharmakayic-stare. Indeed, even the ten-thousand things are wrapped in a singular package marked with the imageless-stamp of Suchness.

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