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Supra Omnia

Lorie Stevens The concluding two chapters of the Theologia Mystica are so brief and cover the same principles that we will include them both at this time. Four: Not perceptible So this is what we say. The Cause of all … Continue reading

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Technique #9: Mahasunya Ho

Wieslaw Sadurski Vajragoni: Closely allied with Dharmasota Ho is Dhyana Technique #9, Mahasunya Ho, where the Unborn will continue to unfold IT’s dominance over those unruly vexations of the discriminatory mind; hence this technique will assist you in overcoming your … Continue reading

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The Tao of Mind

In the Void the two are indivisible, Formerly both contained all the ten-thousand things. When there is finally no sense of any discrimination left, There is no longer any need of being for or against. The Way of the Unborn … Continue reading

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The Immutability Factor

  Hui Hai (720-814)  Q: What does it mean when the sutra says: “The sound of discussion has ceased, and the role of thought is done”?  A: Words are used to manifest the doctrine. After understanding the doctrine, then, words … Continue reading

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The Sound of Silence

9.The Dharma-Door of Nonduality We now come to the most famous passage in the whole sutra: Vimalakriti’s Noble Silence. It deserves special consideration. We find all of the Bodhisattvas expounding ad nauseam (all dribbling nonsense) their take on the nature … Continue reading

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