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A Leper’s Tale

5:3 (43) The Leper (Suppabuddhakuṭṭhisuttaṁ) Thus has it been made known. At another time the Blessed One was staying near Rājagaha, at the Bamboo Grove, the Squirrels’ Feeding Sanctuary. On that occasion there lived a poor and wretched leper, Suppabuddha, who saw a large gathering of people and thought to himself, “Surely, there are some distributions of food being offered, let me go there and receive some staples of nourishment.” Coming closer, he beheld that the Blessed One Read more [...]

The Dustless Dhammacakkhu

One of the best descriptions of the Great Deathless Vision (Noble-Ariyan Path) is recalled in the Vimānavatthu: And the Buddha, the rishi-bull, the guide, taught me of the impermanence of uprising and dukkha; of the unconditioned*, of the cessation of dukkha, that are eternal; and of this path*, not crooked, straight, auspicious. When I heard (of) the Deathless* place, the unconditioned *, the Teaching of the Tathagata, the Unrivalled One, I was well and highly restrained in the precepts, firm Read more [...]
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