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Khatvanga—A Multi-Purpose Mystical Tool

The Khatvanga is a mystical-ritual tool utilized in both meditation and as a vehicle for directing healing energy. The blog Yoga of the Manomayakāya discusses its use in merging with the Manomayakāya during meditation. I own two, one made out of yak-bone that I utilize inside my house, and the other made of iron (pictured above), which is kept in my hermitage. The Khatvanga itself houses a deity, just as its cousin, the Phurpa, does too. In essence, it is the spirit of the deity that is being Read more [...]

The Yoga of Amoghasiddhi

1.0 Amoghasiddhi is the Matrix of Enlightened Action (Karmaprasiddhi) Freedom from the Karmic-Cycle is through the door of the All-Accomplishing Wisdom, as the Green Light of Amoghasiddhi reveals the Enlightening-Spirit of Bodhi. In such manner are Buddhaic-activities performed. 2.0 Prayer of Aspiration (accentuated with one-pointed concentration): As I have wandered perpetually in the diurnal darkness of samsara, May the Luminous Green-Light path (Accomplishing Wisdom) of Blessed Read more [...]