From Tilopa’s Mahamudra Instruction to Naropa in Twenty Eight Verses; translated by Keith Dowman…

A little daily dose of Tilopa goes a long way…

Gazing intently into the empty sky, vision ceases;
Likewise, when mind gazes into mind itself,
The train of discursive and conceptual thought ends
And supreme enlightenment is gained.

Keep it empty stupid!
Who cares about enlightenment or stupidity!
Forget the who and all is neither gained or lost

Be still and stay relaxed in genuine ease,
Be quiet and let sound reverberate as an echo,
Keep your mind silent and watch the ending of all worlds.

Let the relentless freight train of samsara roll on of its own accord
Be as a silent crow unconcerned with whether it begins or ends
It’s all just a contrived echo in the imageless mind

Free of intellectual conceits, disavowing dogmatic principles,
The truth of every school and scripture is revealed.

Who is it that cares for titles anyway?

In the transcending of mind’s dualities is Supreme vision;
In a still and silent mind is Supreme Meditation;
In spontaneity is Supreme Activity;
And when all hopes and fears have died, the Goal is reached.

Forget the goal and Recollect That which precedes all/no activities

Listen with joy!
Investment in samsara is futile; it is the cause of every anxiety.
Since worldly involvement is pointless, seek the heart of reality!

The stuff of samsara is needless pain and endless anxiety
Don’t even seek the heart
Toss it all and be grateful for the Suchness of the hour

The unborn omnipresent base dissolves your impulsions and delusions:
Do not be conceited or calculating but rest in the unborn essence
And let all conceptions of yourself and the universe melt away.

It’s true!
All things are perfectly resolved in the Unborn

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