Overcoming Obstacles


V. Overcoming Obstacles

  1. Do not think you will reach maturation quickly, otherwise you will resemble a withered tree before the edge of a cliff.
  2. Maturation in this spiritual initiative is matched by one’s gradual mastery of the technique as exhibited over time.
  3. In practicing the technique of turning-around-the-light one must rest calmly in the center of the Bodhi-heart. When the breath is rising and setting calmly within the measured-rhythm of the Bodhi-womb, one intuitively knows that the meditation may continue unhindered.
  4. When entering into this quietude, it is essential that one does not have any vacuities in the mind. One must not just sit in mindless-emptiness like Mara’s mannequin, else falling into the bondage of the false-self will become a certain inevitability.
  5. When one experiences in meditation the depths of gloominess, it is a surety that one will encounter the five dark-demons. Their ensnaring presence emanates from a world of oppressive darkness; their power is heavy and cold and will produce heavy-breathing accompanied by terrifying images. One is in danger of turning to stone as if bedeviled with Medusa’s touch. In this instance, one needs to discontinue the meditation session and resume it again at a more favorable interval.
  6. Again, one must remain alert and aware in the session lest some form of dark psychological impressions overcome steadiness of mind and spirit. This can occur when one least expects it, even when apparently reaching the heights of contemplative ecstasy. The Śūrańgama Sūtra warns against such episodes.
  7. Above all, remain mindful in the Recollective Resolve lest becoming enslaved to any creeping denizen from Mara’s dark dominion.
  8. One must remain detached and independent in spirit against all possible disturbances. Envision the Garbha-child serenely rising above you, safely sheltered in an inviolable circle of Unborn Light, indifferent to any psychic-attacks of the evil one.


One must not just sit in mindless-emptiness like Mara’s mannequin: sitting in a mindless stupor only induces senility of spirit and leaves the door wide open for Mara’s intrusion as he “pulls the strings” over the spiritless and enslaved hulk.

will encounter the five dark-demons: the five skandhic-maras turned morosely-inwards. Now only darkness reigns as one’s former enlivened-spirit lies impotent in the face of evil. One’s best course of action is to just end the session and resume at a later junction when these evil influences have subsided and no longer have any leverage over your mind and spirit.

The Śūrańgama Sūtra warns against such episodes: this sutra explicitly warns about the Fifty-Demonic states that WILL interfere in one’s spiritual advancements. Just when you feel safe and snug in your progress and momentum, they will make their influence known and pull-the-rug-out leaving you flat on your face. One must also cultivate spiritual-discernment, otherwise the road ahead will be littered with evil deceptions at every turn.

remain detached and independent in spirit: you have within a most miraculous and imageless seed planted by the Tathagātas. Remember, this is the Spiritual Elixir—a coalescing of spirit and breath (a refinement of breath, of transmuting it into Spirit), it’s not a “baby” embryo of flesh and blood, but a highly dynamic function of the Primordial Spirit—a primordial re-ordering of Essence, Breath, and Spirit. IT alone is your spiritual-life and mentor now and you need to die to your former skandhic-self and allow IT to shape your progress. No-thing in the created-realms have any power over IT and so you are truly now spiritually-independent from all former fears and vicissitudes.

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