Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Houston and other afflicted areas from the storm. May some degree of normalcy return to your lives soon.

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2 Responses to Harvey

  1. n. yeti says:

    An Homage to Green Tara

    Blessed mother, guardian of life
    Guider of countless beings lost in samsara
    Be not absent from our world.

    Though we in ignorance wreak
    Terrible chaos, confusion and turbidity
    Be not absent from our world.

    Soother of waters
    Let your caress remove our fears
    Be not absent from our world.

    Blessed mother let us take refuge
    In the infinite quietude of your embrace,
    Be not absent from our world.

    Subtle and sublime
    Endowed with every virtue
    Inspire us to strive for infinite Bodhi


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