The Cosmic Pendulum

Uwe Bremer

Swinging aimlessly in the desert of the mind, the Cosmic Pendulum continues to apparently pin-you down with its awful perpetual momentum–back and forth, back and forth. Such has been your imagined existence throughout the endless kalpas, caught between going back and forth into apparent existences–new faces and thrills but the same ol’ swing mesmerizing you time and time again. Like a little bird with a broken wing there is no possibility of becoming free and taking flight. But unbeknownst to you the birdcage is open, it’s always been open. Suddenly the realization dawns that the self-image you’ve held for so long was falsely an arbitrary one. In point of fact, you are imageless and infinitely free from your former self-imposed cage beneath that awful weight—enough! What is this? Abruptly the cage and pendulum disappear—and so this is your passport for a one-way ticket into the heart of the Unborn. There is no going back, unless you choose to remain spellbound to the ride, that endless to and fro into the darkness of perpetual mediocrity and love of self-bondage. Expergiscere!

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