The Book of Bodhi

Once written in an online galaxy long, long ago…

  1. The origins of Saha-realm 38725

Mind’s miraculous capacity to recollect Its full essential stature creates a double-edged sword; this capacity can also become inverted thereby giving birth to pluralized manifestations that, although illusional in form, become graven images that are concretized into infinite dharmatic canopies that reflect every conceivable and inconceivable size and shape within a given world-system. These world systems are limitless in variety within just one billion-world galaxy in a given universe, and there are infinitesimal universes giving birth to billion-world galaxies all the time. One such world system is Saha-realm 38725. It is an insignificant pimple on the face of this present billion-world galaxy. Countless Buddhas steer well-clear of Saha-realm 38725 because it is an impure realm, a very dirty, disagreeable and dangerous place. The earth-bound inhabitants of this ignominious realm have engaged throughout the millennia in fostering their own agendas, some cosmic in scale, repudiating and violating each other’s sacred space all in the name of one incurable disease: materialism. These earth-bound inhabitants are bound to their dogmatic stances and some even seek to extend and enforce their dogma to the very ends of Saha-realm 38725. Wretched fundamentalism runs rampant and its rising crescent is a clear indication that this is truly the dharma-ending age of this unhappy place. The end is inevitable as this is a realm of dark-matter, matter whose seed-base bears the stain of its nefarious father, Mara. Indeed, this realm is a vehicle of Mara and is henceforth known as MARAYANA.

***The content and style of The Book of Bodhi encompasses mythic undertones; it is an ahistorical account, and also, it does not follow a “linear” progression. The Book of Bodhi is an asymmetric approach–it encompasses primordial encounters, but it will also “jump ahead” from time to time into the apparent “present”, or the far distant future; also the accounts will transcend time altogether. Its structure will be narrative, and then suddenly shift to a poetic style; even some styles that are completely unfamiliar to the rational mind. In this sense, it resembles a giant koan, in that it will challenge your “normal” perceptional faculties, and also, hopefully, enhance your mystical ones.

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