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The Chariot-Vajradhara

The Arcanum of the Chariot is best marked by Determination which leads to success and triumph. Vajradhara captures the very essence behind this realization. The best way to define his significance is the following: read more

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The Celestial Palace of Akanishṭha

  1. [Cleary]: For mind is the womb of what’s in the triple world, for this wandering mind is seen here and yon; knowing the state of this world to be thus, unreal, one should not imagine the world.

Oftentimes I would find myself being uncomfortable with the Lanka’s admonition to silence the faculty of imagination. From time to time I’ve used this faculty in many a creative fashion, like on my YouTube Bodhichild channel. After much reflection on this, I’ve come to the realization that the Lanka is not saying to banish forever the creative-side of this faculty; indeed, the very composers of the Lanka oftentimes drew heavily upon their active-imagination to illustrate the Buddhadharma. Imagination, for the Lanka, means the incessant yearning to create image after image after image. Of course, [image] entails much here—like the intellect, the use of all the sensate faculties, memory, etcetera…anything apparently concretized in this wooden-world we live in but in reality is only fleeting and eventually dissolving away like a mirage in the sultry desert wastelands of Samsara. Hence, the discriminative-side of imagination needs to be curtailed. If not, then the possibility of a million Chimeric Realms will descend and keep you preoccupied in its discriminating-grasp for many eons to come. read more

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