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A Matter of the Philosophers

  1. As long as those philosophers who get confused in their reasonings and who are unable to go beyond the realm of words, distinguish the discriminating from the discriminated – so long they do not see [the truth] of suchness.

A recurring motif throughout the Lanka concerns the Philosophers. Who are they? Are they members of a particular branch of philosophy, or are they part of a larger spectrum? Suzuki in one of his footnotes to his Studies in the Lanka asserts they are as follows: read more

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Synonyms of the Absolute

Friedmann’s translation:

A synonym makes clear that there are different names for the same-thing.
Because it defines the meaning of [the word of which it is] a synonym, it is called synonym…
Summarily the synonyms of the Absolute are:
Tathatā: The Absolute Essence; Suchness.
Bhūtakoṭi: The Limit of Reality; The Absolute Point of Existence.
Animitta: Deprived of Characteristics; The Formless.
Paramārthā: the Absolute, the Ultimate Reality.
Dharmadhātu: The Unique Absolute; the Ultimate cause of
the elements; Realm of Ideas. read more

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