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Invincible Ascetics


At that time Bhishmottaranirghosha was sojourning in a retreat, a pleasant
place with countless diverse trees and plants, shaded by the leaves of
various trees, with flowering trees perpetually blooming in various colors
and fruit trees perpetually bearing, the ground made of the finest jewelfruits
from various jewel trees, well distributed with great sandalwood trees,
graced with fragrance constantly coming from pleasant aloeswood trees,
adorned with trumpet-flower trees distributed in the four directions, with
beautifully formed fig trees, with perpetually ripe fruits raining from rose
apple trees, beautified by fresh water lilies and lotus blossoms.
Sudhana saw the seer Bhishmottaranirghosha wearing matted hair, sitting
on a seat of bark, rags, fragrant grass, and antelope skin on a layer of
straw in a but built at the foot of a sandalwood tree, surrounded by ten thousand seers… read more

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