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True Bodhisattvahood

Seventeen: True Bodhisattvahood At that time Subhuti addressed Buddha, saying: World-honored One, if good men and good women seek the Consummation of Incomparable Enlightenment, by what criteria should they abide and how should they control their thoughts? Buddha replied to … Continue reading

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True Compassion

Bodhisattvahood, Part 2 Karunā, or compassion, has been a foremost attribute for anyone aspiring to Bodhisattvahood. Avalokiteśvara is usually the bodhisattva associated with this karunā, and in Tibetan circles the Dali Lama is considered to be a form of reincarnation … Continue reading

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Bodhisattvahood, Part 1 These 40 days of spiritually sojourning with Vimalakirti have left an indelible imprint on my psyche. I have literally awoken daily with Vimalakirti, walked with Vimalakirti , meditated with Vimalakirti, absorbed Vimalakirti’s teaching and have received the … Continue reading

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