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Siddhattha’s Enlightenment

The following is what occurred during Siddhattha’s awakening beneath the Bodhi-Tree. The sacred snapshot of him sitting reflectively on a grassy knoll is known as sitting on the Throne of Wisdom. Having departed from the game of samsara at the age of twenty-nine, then practicing severe austerities for six years, he was now thirty-five years of age and thus more fully seasoned to be cloaked with the mantle of deathlessness. He was more fully prepared for Mara’s greatest molestations. Attempting to entice Siddhattha with every sensual device possible, Mara is justly rebuked and vanquished by the young and aspiring noble arhat. The Bodhisatta then became attuned to all of his previous incarnations; afterwards there was no more karma to burn in Light of the True Home of the Deathless—yea, he burned-off all his past karmic associations. It was during the middle-watch of that illuminative night that Siddhattha developed the Divine-Eye, which empowered him during the last watch to contemplate the Law of Dependent Origination, which was soon accompanied with the insight into the arising and cessating of the Five Aggregates of skandhic-grasping. read more

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