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In the presence of Agnes, Pamela couldn’t help but feel a deep admiration for the woman’s narrative. Agnes’ remarkable courage and unwavering dedication to her chosen path left Pamela in awe. She couldn’t help but express her admiration, addressing Agnes in a sincere and heartfelt manner. read more

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Dark Gnosis

Chapter One: What is the Divine Darkness?

Direct us, O Trinity, to the heights of Mystical Revelation that is purest beyond all mind-aspects of thought and light! Therein is contained those immutable mysteries of Divine Truth THAT are hidden in the marvelous Translucent Darkness of The Silence THAT alone reveals in secret. This Essential Darkness emanates in Deepest Obscurity, yet simultaneously is radiantly Bright and beyond all aspects of sensate phenomena. It Alone bestows upon us the Clear light of Mind radiating the many splendors of Transcendent Beauty. read more

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