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Preparation for the Afterlife

Many consider that events in the saha realm have never been worse. The gods of many realms are not pleased. Humanity has reached a terrible low from which there is no return. It’s worse than Sodom and Gomorrah ever was. The natural order has been defiled and dragged through the mud. Best recourse? Make preparations for the afterlife because it’s due on the horizon. And yet, what is the afterlife? Is it a particular place, or more that an individual’s stream of consciousness continues in some form after death? Mainline religions maintain that it is a given and permanent locale, while other traditions maintain that it is only a temporary respite before being reincarnated again. It is not the purpose of this blog series to catalog all the sundry interpretations but rather to study it from a Lankavatarian lens. In this vein we shall come to see that the best preparation for the afterlife is a non-preparation, something that both the Lankavatara and Diamond Sutras share in common. It is perhaps the most sane observation (given current events) of our subject matter. It’s also interesting that this series commences on what Christian Religions refer to as All Souls Day, or the Day of the Dead in more indigenous religions—both commemorating the journey to the afterlife by all the dearly departed, and also one in which the dead can also communicate with the living in some form or fashion. Tis the season to look for a transcendent dimension that will point the way out of a world gone insane. Our series will be forthcoming very soon. read more

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